Enoctus Cloud Pool Transfers to HKDC1

As you might be aware we’re moving everyone from HKDC2 to HKDC1 due to increasing demand for the HKDC1 location. If you received this message, it means that the transfer for your server is running already. You might be unable to access your server until this completes and you should also find your new IP from your cloud.enoctus.com control panel. The IP from einstein.enoctus.co.uk will NOT update immediately. 


The HKDC1 facility has the HKBN (China direct) line running in the following IP segments:






The remaining IP ranges will also have HKBN line running within 1 week, automatically. Some of the IPs might show their GEOIP as American, but this is false information and it will get updated automaticaly as GEOIP databases refresh their data within 1 week. Please do not submit tickets for IP swaps or refunds as those would be disregarded. This is an overall huge improvement in speed in comparison to HKDC2.


Thank you for your co-operation and patience with us.


Kind regards,

Team Enoctus

All of our efforts go towards making us better at our one thing.VPSSE » Enoctus Cloud Pool Transfers to HKDC1

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