VMBox:200GB 4GB 4TB OVZ only $5/month with FREE Wildcard SSL +More inc $20/yr offer 5 IPs

VMBox was launched in 2011. The staff behind VMBox have been in the hosting industry for over 10 years. By combining their experience and knowledge they have aquired over the past years, VMBox is rapidly growing to be one of the top VPS providers in the industry. The VMBox network operates out of datacenters in Los Angeles, Phoenix USA and Netherlands EU. All datacenters provide the ideal physical environment to keep your servers up and running without any interruptions. We only utilise enterprise SSD’s in hardware RAID10 for lightening fast performance.

Our primary mission is to provide the highest quality service at the most affordable price possible. We believe that in addition to uptime, technical support is the most important aspect of our company. When it comes to technical support we strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. Our support team will attempt to respond to your support tickets in under an hour.

Our Offers:

200GB RAID10 SSD Cached Storage

4GB Dedicated DDR3 RAM
4TB Premium Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address
Netherlands Location
Promo code: 8OVO09GB2Q

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50GB RAID10 SSD Cached Storage

2GB Dedicated DDR3 RAM
2TB Premium Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Addresses
5 IPv6 Addresses
Promo code: YYNISQ1W7J

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3TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 addresses
1Gbps Port
Amsterdam, NL
Los Angeles, CA
$7.00/month Promo code: 2GBKVM

Buy now NL

Buy now LA

Amsterdam http://ams-lg.vmbox.co/

Phoenix http://phx-lg.vmbox.co/

Los Angeles http://la-lg.vmbox.co/

Additional IPv4 $2/m
cPanel VPS license $9.95 (NL & PHX only)

All of our efforts go towards making us better at our one thing.VPSSE » VMBox:200GB 4GB 4TB OVZ only $5/month with FREE Wildcard SSL +More inc $20/yr offer 5 IPs

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