CrownCloud:500 GB - KVM storage at Los Angeles, CA - $5/month or $25/semi-annually

We’ve been around for 5+ years and own & colocate our hardware and networking gear and have our own ARIN issued IPs for our US based locations. We’ve recently added in new storage specific hardware to our Los Angeles, CA location and would like to share an offer with you. 
Our Site: 
Node Spec: Dual E5-2660 
128 GB RAM 
12 x HDD + HW RAID 

Quadranet, Los Angeles, California 
Test IPv4:

The plan 
512 MB RAM 
500 GB HDD 
2 core fair-share access include 
3 TB bandwidth per month 
1 Gbit/sec upink 
1 IPv4 
/64 IPv6
KVM based 

$5/month or $25/semi-annually 
Order Link 

Operating systems

  • We’ve got templates for CentOS 6/7, Debian 8/9, various Ubuntu(s) upto 16.04, Windows 2008, 2012.
  • Custom ISOs can be requested to be mounted onto your VPS for free as well via ticket.
  • Also do note, We do not provide licenses for Windows, the customer is responsible for the license on the machine.
All of our efforts go towards making us better at our one thing.VPSSE » CrownCloud:500 GB - KVM storage at Los Angeles, CA - $5/month or $25/semi-annually

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